Composition Of Blood Class 10


  • Blood is a red coloured fluid which circulates in the human body.
  • Blood is red because of a pigment called hemoglobin in its red blood cells. 
  • Blood is a connective tissue. All the blood cells are made in the bone marrow from the cells called stem cells.

Composition of Blood 

The Main Components of blood are 

  • Plasma
  • Red Blood corpuscles(RBCS)
  • White Blood corpuscles(WBCS) 
  • Platelets.


What is Plasma ?

  • The  fluid part of blood is called Plasma
  • Plasma is a colorless liquid which consists mainly of water with many substances dissolved in it. 
  • Plasma contains about 90 percent water. 
  • Plasma  also contains dissolved substances such as proteins, digested food, common salt, waste products (like carbon dioxide and urea), and hormones. 
  • Plasma carries all these dissolved substances from one part to another part in the body. 
  • Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are immersed in this liquid called plasma.

Red Blood Cells

  • Red blood cells are red in colour due to the presence of a red pigment called Hemoglobin inside it.
  • Red blood cells (RBC) are carriers of oxygen. 
  • Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to all the cells of the body.Hemoglobin present in red blood cells  carries oxygen in the body. 
  • Hemoglobin performs a very important function of carrying oxygen from lungs to body tissues. 
  • Red blood cells are circular in shape.

White Blood Cells

  • White blood cells fight infection and protect us from diseases .
  • White  blood cells help to fight against germs and other foreign bodies which causes diseases.
  •  White blood cells engulf  the Pathogens which causes diseases.
  • White blood cells provide immunity to the human body by making ‘antibodies’ to fight  against infection .             
  • White blood cells are either spherical in shape or irregular in shape.
  •  All the white blood cells have a nucleus though the shape of the nucleus is different in different  types of white blood cells. 
  • White blood cells (WBC) in the blood are much smaller in number than red blood cells.


Also Check – Maintenance by Platelets (Blood Clotting) 

  • Platelets are the tiny fragments of special cells formed in the bone marrow .
  • Platelets do not have nuclei. 
  • Platelets help in the coagulation of blood (or clotting of blood) in a cut or wound. For example, when a cut or wound starts bleeding, then platelets help clot the blood (make the blood semi-solid) due to which further bleeding stops 

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