Function of Platelets Class 10th

Process of Blood Clotting by platelets

What are the Functions of Platelets in Blood


When a Blood vessel is cut, blood escapes from it. But soon a clot is formed on the wound and the flow of blood is stopped. If it were not so, the injured person would bleed to death.

The process of Blood Clotting is Initiated by Platelets.

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Process of Blood Clotting

Steps of Blood Clotting Process by Platelets is as follows

Blood clotting
  1. The injured tissue cells and the Platelets which disintegrate at the site of the wound release a substance thrombokinase (also called thromboplastin). 
  2. The thrombokinase acts as an enzyme and with the help of the calcium ions present in the plasma, it converts a substance prothrombin (inactive) of the plasma, into thrombin (active). 
  3. Thrombin in the presence of calcium ions, reacts with the soluble fibrinogen of the plasma to convert it into insoluble fibrin. Fibrin is a solid substance that forms threads. These microscopic threads of fibrin are sticky and form a network (mesh) at the wound.
  4. Blood cells are trapped in the network of the fibrin; the network then shrinks and squeezes out the rest of the plasma which is in the form of a clear liquid, the serum. The solid mass which is left behind is called clot (or thrombus)

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