What is Circulatory System ? – Short Answer

Short note on Circulatory System

Short note on Circulatory System


The circulatory system is a body system that is responsible for pumping and transporting blood throughout the body.

4 Important Organs of Circulatory System

The human circulatory system comprises 4 main organs that have specific roles and functions. The vital circulatory system organs include:

Functions of Circulatory System

  1. Transports  oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other substances throughout the body.
  2. Removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide. 
  3. Regulation of body temperature
  4. Defence against infection and disease through the immune system.
  5. Maintenance of blood pressure and blood flow to various organs and tissues.
  6. Acts as an interface for cell-to-cell interaction.
  7. Help repair the damaged tissue.

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