Differences Between Pollination and Fertilisation

Difference Between Pollination and Fertilisation

Understanding the difference between pollination and fertilisation is crucial in plant reproduction. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil, whereas fertilisation is the fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote. Pollination occurs before fertilisation and can lead to genetic variation. These processes play an important role in the successful reproduction of plants.

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Binary Fission in Amoeba - 4 important steps

Binary Fission in Amoeba

Binary fission is the primary mode of reproduction in Amoeba, a unicellular organism. It is a simple asexual process where the parent cell divides into two identical daughter cells. In the first step the cell elongates and then the nucleus divides into two. This is followed by the division of the cytoplasm resulting in two new Amoebas. Binary fission in Amoeba is a crucial process that allows them to rapidly multiply and colonise new habitats.

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Mitosis necessary for Growth

Why is Mitosis necessary for Growth?

Mitosis is necessary for growth because it allows for the production of new cells, the maintenance of stable cell populations, the regulation of cell size, and the repair of damaged tissues etc all of which are critical for growth and development in multicellular organisms

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why Mitosis called the “Equational Division” and Meiosis is called the “Reduction Division”
Why is fertilization in an Angiosperm referred to as Double Fertilization? Mention the Ploidy of the Cells Involved.