What is Lymphatic System Class 10

Lymphatic system for class 10

Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system is the second important Circulatory System that permeates the Entire Human Body and transports the liquid called lymph from body tissues to the blood vascular system.

What is Lymphatic System Class 10

Lymphatic System consists of

What is Lymph

Lymph is a light yellow coloured, mobile, fluid connective tissue which drains into the lymphatic capillaries from the intercellular spaces. 

It consists of two parts

What is Plasma in Lymph

The plasma is a fluid matrix which is somewhat similar in composition to blood plasma. It contains protein molecules, digested fat, germs and fragments of dead cells. 

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What are Lymphocyte Cells 

The lymphocyte cells are a special type of white blood cells which fight against infection. 

Why is Lymph called Extracellular Fluid?

The lymph is also called extracellular fluid because it bathes the cells and lies outside the cells. It flows only in one direction, that is from tissues to heart, because the backflow is prevented by valves present in the major lymph vessels.

What are Lymph capillaries?

These are blindly ending meshwork of thin walled and highly permeable tubes having variable diameters. The tissue fluid drains into lymph capillaries which join to form larger lymphatic vessels.

What are Lymph vessels? 

  • Lymph Vessels are lymph containing vessels (lymphatics) formed by joining of lymph capillaries.
  • These are large tubes (usually not larger than 2-3 mm diameter), resembling veins, with non-return valves.
  • They finally join with the venous system, usually near the heart.
  • The tissue fluid flowing through the lymph vessels is slightly concentrated by loss of some water as it passes along the system.

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What are Lymph Nodes (or glands) ?

  • The lymph nodes are situated at intervals through the lymphatic system.
  • They are masses of reticular tissue wrapped in a capsule of fibrous tissue.
  • Lymphocytes accumulate in the lymph nodes where they produce antibodies and act as an important part of the body’s immune system. 
  • They remove bacteria and other foreign particles from the lymph. 

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