Cardiac Cycle Class 10

What is Cardiac Cycle?

The cardiac cycle (Heart Beat) involves repeated Rhythmic Contraction and Relaxation of heart muscles. Contraction is called Systole and Relaxation is called Diastole.

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The average number of Heart Beats / Pulse of a person at rest is about 70 to 72 per minute, but the number of heart beats increases too much after a physical exercise or when a person is excited.

Heart Beat (Pulse)

The arteries on account of their elastic muscular walls distend every time blood is forced through them due to the contraction of the heart. 

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This distension can be easily felt by pressing your finger gently over an artery that has come up superficially,such as the radial artery of the wrist on the side of the thumb. 

Counting of the pulse is indirectly the counting of the heart beat.

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