What is Blood Pressure Class 10th

Define Blood Pressure

Define Blood Pressure

The pressure at which the blood is pumped against the wall of a vessel is called Blood Pressure.

  • The blood is an important liquid connective tissue that flows in the blood vessels and helps in transportation.
  • It exerts a force against the walls of vessels. 
  • The blood pressure inside the arteries is much more as compared to inside the veins. 

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Blood Pressure is measured with the help of an instrument, called a Sphygmomanometer. 

There are two types of blood pressures : 

  • Systolic Pressure
  • Diastolic Pressure

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What is Systolic Pressure

The pressure of blood inside the artery during ventricular systole or contraction phase, is called the Systolic pressure.

Normal Systolic pressure = 120 mm of Hg.

What is Diastolic Pressure?

The pressure of blood inside the artery during ventricular diastole or relaxation is called the Diastolic pressure .

Normal Diastolic pressure = 80 mm of Hg

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What is High Blood Pressure ?

High Blood pressure is known as Hypertension and is caused by the Constriction of Arterioles.

It results in increased resistance to the flow of blood which may lead to the rupture of an artery and causes internal bleeding.

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