“Pollination is Prerequisite for Fertilization in Flowering Plants” Explain

Why is Fertilization not possible without Pollination is explained with reason

Pollination is the process by which Pollen Grains (Male Reproductive Cells) are transferred from the anthers (male reproductive organs) of a plant flower to the stigma (female reproductive organ) of the same or a different flower of the same species. This process is necessary for fertilization to occur, as the pollen grains must reach the stigma in order for the Fertilization process to begin.

In the process of Fertilization, the pollen grain germinates on the stigma and sends a tube down through the style to the ovary, where it fertilizes the egg cell and forms a seed. 

Pollination is the first step in the process of fertilization as it brings the male and female reproductive cells together, while fertilization is the actual union of those cells. Without pollination, fertilization cannot occur.

This is the reason why Pollination is a Prerequisite for Fertilization or Fertilization not possible without Pollination in flowering plants because it is the first step in the reproductive process that leads to the formation of seeds .

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