12 Important Cell Wall Function

Cell Wall Functions

Cell Wall

A Rigid Structural Layer next to the Cell Membrane in some cells like plants, fungi algal cells etc is called as Cell Wall. Cell wall is Tough , Flexible and Rigid.

Cell Wall - Structure , Composition , Location , Significance , Functions and Differences
Cell Wall Diagram

12 Important Cell wall Function

  1. Cell wall provides the cell a sense of organization.
  2. It maintains and  gives a distinctive shape to the cell. 
  3. It is also responsible for the cell’s  size and rigidity.
  4. It controls the flow of substances between the cells. 
  5. It regulates the expansion of cells and prevents rupture of the cell.. 
  6. It also provides protection of cells from harmful infection and any mechanical injury.
  7. It protects the cell from different toxins and drugs by allowing only small metabolic molecules to pass across the cell.
  8. By limiting water intake,the cell wall prevents cell growth.
  9. It also prevents cell water loss due to the presence of Cutin and suberin.
  10. It controls the direction of cell growth.
  11. The cell wall helps to maintain the osmolarity of the cell.
  12. The cell wall stores carbohydrates in the seed.

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