Diagram of a Prokaryotic Cell

Prokaryotic Cell

Prokaryotic cells are simple structured, single celled organisms which lack a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. Genetic material of Prokaryotic cells is in a single, circular chromosome which is located in the cytoplasm.

Prokaryotic cells have a cell wall and a cytoplasmic membrane. They  smaller in size than eukaryotic cells. Example- bacteria, archaea  etc.

Diagram of a Prokaryotic Cell

diagram of a cell- Prokaryotic Cell
Prokaryotic Cell – Diagram

Description of Prokaryotic Cell  Diagram labels is as follows

  • Cell Wall- It is a rigid, protective layer that surrounds the cell membrane. It gives the prokaryotic cell its shape.
  • Cell Membrane (plasma membrane) it is a  thin, flexible layer that separates the inside of the prokaryotic cell from the outer environment. It is semipermeable i.e. it regulates the movement of materials in and out of the prokaryotic cell.
  • Cytoplasm it is a  gel-like substance that fills the interior of the prokaryotic cell . It contains all prokaryotic cell organelles.
  • Nucleoid –  it is a region of the cytoplasm that contains the DNA of the prokaryotic cell.
  • Flagella – it is a long whip like structure that helps the prokaryotic  cell to move.
  • Pili – it is a short, hair-like structure that helps the prokaryotic  cell attach to surfaces or other cells.
  • Ribosome it is a tiny structure that plays an important  role in protein synthesis of prokaryotic  cells.
  • Plasmid-  It is a  small, circular piece of DNA that contains additional genetic material beyond the prokaryotic  cell’s main genome.
  • VacuoleIt is a large, fluid-filled sac that stores nutrients and waste products of the prokaryotic  cell. They are smaller as compared to eukaryotic cells.
  • Inclusion Bodies- they are small, dense structures that store materials such as pigments, polysaccharides, lipids or metabolic waste in prokaryotic cells.

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