What are the Methods used by Plants to get Rid of Excretory Products

What are the Methods used by Plants to get Rid of Excretory Products class 10
  • In a plant or a tree the waste that is produced during metabolism is converted to diffrent kind of substance and it is stored in the different parts of its body .
  • Sometimes they are excreted by keeping them in different parts like their roots, leaves or the fruits.
  • After ripening the fruit falls down from the tree in the same way leaves after ripening falls down along with the base and the plant gets rid of its waste.
  • Plants have special mechanisms by which they convert the waste materials into different other compounds and excrete in different ways.

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Methods used by Plants to Get Rid of Excretory Products

Gaseous Waste Products

  • Plants release gaseous wastes such as carbon dioxide and water vapor produced during respiration at night and oxygen produced during photosynthesis in daytime through stomata in leaves and lenticels found in stems.

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Liquid Waste Products

  • Plants get rid of excess water produced as a waste during respiration by the process of transpiration. 
  • Some species of plants exude water through stomata, while others through hydathodes.
  • Plants also store waste substances in old xylem as resins and gums. 
  • Gums are the degradation products of internal plant tissues (mostly cellulose), while resins are formed as the oxidation products of various essential oils.
  • Rubber plant is the common example of a plant which exudes latex (used in tyre industry) as an excretory product.
  • Plants also excrete some essential oils like sandalwood oil, clove oil, etc., as excretory products.

Solid Waste Products

  • Some plants store waste substances in the cellular vacuolesvand in tissues with dead cells, e.g. in heartwood.
  • Waste products may also be stored within leaves, barks, etc., which fall off or get rid of by plants, e.g. deciduous plants.
  • Plants excrete some solid waste substances into the soil around them.

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Useful Plant Wastes

  • Plants like oak store their excretory products as tannin in their trunk, which is used in treatment of leather.
  • Essential oils excreted by plants such as sandalwood oil, olive oil, etc., are widely used in various household purposes.
  • Gums from plants are widely used to make adhesives.
  • Resins are used to make varnishes, glazing agents, etc.
  • Natural rubber is used as raw material in the tire industry.

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