Why is Transpiration Important for Plants


The loss of water in the form of vapors from the aerial parts of the plant is called Transpiration.

  • It takes place mainly through Stomata.
  • The water which is lost through the stomata is replaced by water from the xylem vessels in the leaf.
  • Evaporation of water molecules from leaf ‘s cells creates a suction (transpiration pull) which pulls water from the xylem cells of the root.

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Why is Transpiration Important for Plants

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Cooling effect

  • It helps in the regulation of temperature.
  • Evaporation reduces the temperature of leaf surface. 
  • Therefore, transpiration is useful to plants on hot sunny days. (At intense heat, the enzymes are destroyed).

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Suction force

  • Transpiration helps in the ascent of sap by producing a suction force acting from the top of a plant. 
  • Evaporation from the leaves concentrates cell sap and increases their osmotic pressure. 
  • This draws water from the cells at the lower levels in a sequential manner (ascent of sap) and finally favors absorption of water from the soil by the roots. 
  • As the water evaporates from the leaves, a suction force is produced at the top of the plant drawing more water up through the stem and making the roots absorb more of it from the soil.
  • Transpiration  helps in the absorption and upward movement of water and minerals dissolved in it from roots to the leaves.

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Distribution of water and mineral salts

  • Since leaves are present at the tips of all branches and twigs, transpiration from their surfaces
  • tends to draw water towards them and thus helps in the distribution of water throughout the plant body. 
  • Transpiration maintains a constant supply of ions to the leaves.
  • Higher the rate of transpiration, greater the rate of absorption of water and solutes from the soil.
  • Transpiration also  removes excess water from the plant

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