How is oxygen and carbon dioxide transported in human beings?

 Human beings take oxygen from the atmosphere and release carbon dioxide in return. This complete process occurs in  Breathing.

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 The process of transportation of oxygen in human being is as follows

  • When we inhale air oxygen reaches the alveoli in lungs.
  •  The alveoli in lungs are surrounded by thin capillaries which carry blood in them.
  •  The oxygen diffuses from the alveoli walls to the blood in capillaries.
  •  This blood travels through the body. Hemoglobin which is present in blood binds with oxygen and carries it along with blood.
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The process of transportation of Carbon dioxide In human beings is as follows
  • Carbon dioxide is produced as a waste product in respiration in the cells of tissues.
  •  Carbon dioxide is transported in dissolved form in blood.
  •  From blood carbon dioxide passes to the alveoli Where it diffuses from blood to air in the lungs.
  •  Chest cavity is compressed due to relaxation of ribs and diaphragm.
  •  Carbon dioxide is forced out of lungs to the atmosphere

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