BOOK REVIEW — Animal Farm – George Orwell

George Orwell’s haunting fairy tale Animal Farm explains a deep and scary message about corruption, power, and dictatorship. Orwell does this through a simple and short story of animals in a farm. Orwell’s writing style is clear and lucid. The appropriate age for readers is above thirteen years.

 The previous owner of animals of Manor Farm, Mr. Jones was very cruel, and he ill-treated the animals. The generated hate among the animals against all humans and they drove away Mr. Jones taking over the farm. Led by two pigs Napoleon and Snowball, they see it as a beginning of freedom and abundance. But the pig Napolean takes over and promises the animals that he will rule them and make them happier than ever. The pig cunningly brings subtle changes in his promises and the animals’ thoughts. He alters the system of equality among animals for his own benefit. This brings pain, suffering and death among the other animals but because of their naiveté and short memory, they believe the picture painted by the pigs shows that the condition of animals has improved a lot while it has worsened.

This story should be read carefully as it carries a deep message and shows the horrors of power. The beauty of this story is how slowly and subtly the pigs change the thinking of animals and twist the system of equality of animals. This book is a satire, and it indirectly and strongly attacks the methods of Stalin and Hitler. After reading this book, a permanent mark is left in the mind and reminds us what propaganda and power can do.

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