What was The Rowlatt Act? How did the Indian show their disapproval towards the act?

What was The Rowlatt Act?

  • Rowlatt Act was an oppressive act Introduced by the British government in 1919.
  •  It gave the government enormous powers to repress political activities and allow detention of political persons without trial for 2 years.
  •  The Rowlatt Act was passed  Through the Imperial legislative council, But Indian members opposed the act.

 The Rowlatt Act  affected the national movement in the following ways

  •  Rallies were organized in various cities, workers went on strike in railway workshops and shops were closed down.
  •  Gandhiji decided to oppose this act with satyagraha. On 6 April 19, 1919 Gandhiji launched a nationwide satyagraha with a hartal.
  •  Several local leaders were arrested. Gandhiji was barred from entering Delhi.
  •  On 10th April 1919 a police in Amritsar opened fire on a peaceful procession. 
  • Martial law was imposed in umbrella and the command of the area was given to General Dyer

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