Differentiate between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous mixture with examples.

List the points of difference between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous mixtures.


Homogeneous mixture

Heterogeneous mixture

Its constituents are uniformly distributed all over the mixture. It’s constituents are not distributed uniformly.
There are no visible boundaries of separation. There are distinct and visible boundaries of separation in most of the cases.
Components are not visible to the naked eye. Components can be seen easily.
The whole mixture is in the same phase. Substances can be of two phases and layers may separate.
Particle sizes often at atomic or molecular level. Particle size in heterogeneous mixtures is large.
Its constituents cannot be easily separated. Special methods are required for this purpose. It’s constituents can be easily separated by simple methods.
Cannot be separated using mechanical methods. Not always but most of the time can be separated using mechanical methods.
Example milk, alloys, air, sugar solution, etc. Example Mixture of sand and common salt, mixture of chalk powder and water etc.

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