What is Root Pressure Class 10th

Turgor in root cells builds up root pressure. If you cut a well-watered pot plant (e.g. balsam) a few centimeters above the soil and immediately fix a glass tubing to it by means of a rubber. If you cut off the shoots of a plant, the water pushes out from the root stump. This is due to Root pressure.

Define Root Pressure

Root pressure is the pressure developed in the roots due to continued inward movement of water through cell-to-cell osmosis which helps in the ascent of cell sap upward through the stem.

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Root pressure is built up due to cell-to-cell osmosis in the root tissue. As one turgid cell presses the next cell, the force of the flow of water increases inward. When water reaches the xylem vessels , it enters the pores of their thick walls with considerable force.

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