Transpiration Stream

What is Transpiration Stream?

Water absorbed by the roots of plants (by osmosis) along with mineral ions (by diffusion and active transport), these substances move across the root into the xylem. A small amount of root pressure results from the continual influx of more water and ions, forcing the solution already present in the xylem upwards. The flow of this column of water is known as the transpiration stream.

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Transpiration Stream Diagram – Path of Transpiration Stream in Plants

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Path of Transpiration Stream in Plants

  1. Water moves into the roots from the soll by Osmosis; this replaces the water constantly moving up the stem.
  2. Water moves up from the roots into the stem. 
  3. Water moves up through the stem and into the leaves to replace the water lost by Evaporation.
  4. Water is lost from the leaves by evaporation through open stomata.

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