Transpiration Diagram

Neatly Labelled Diagram of transpiration with all steps is as follows –

diagram of transpiration in plants
Transpiration Diagram

Transpiration Definition

Transpiration is the process of loss of water in the form of water vapor from the leaves and other aerial parts of the plant

Steps Of Transpiration

  1. Water enters the root from the soil by Osmosis.
  2. Water moves into the xylem by Osmosis.
  3. Cohesion between water molecules forms a continuous Water column from the roots to the leaves.
  4. Which in tum pulls the water column in the xylem of the shoot and root upward.
  5. Which in turn pulls water in the veins of the leaves upward and outward.
  6. Tension pulls water from the veins into the apoplast surrounding the mesophyll cells.
  7. Water evaporates from mesophyll cell walls.
  8. During transpiration water vapor diffuses out of the leaf through pores called stomata.

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