Tissue- Class 9 NCERT Question Answer

One-word Answer Questions

Q1.Name the tissue that forms the inner lining of our mouth?
Ans1.Simple squamous epithelium

Q2. Name the tissue that connects muscles to bone in humans?

Q3. Name the tissue that transport food in plants ?

Q4. Name the tissue that stores fat in our body?
Ans4. Adipose tissue.

Q5. Name the connective tissue with a fluid matrix?
Ans5. Blood.

Q6. Name the tissue that present in the brain?
Ans6. Nervous tissue.

Q7. Where is Parenchyma tissue present?
Ans7. In the cortex and pith of the stem and roots.

Q8. Which type of tissue skin is made up of?
Ans8.Epithelial tissue (squamous epithelium)

Q9. Bark of a tree made up of which tissue?
Ans9. Cork (protective tissue).

Q10. Bone is made up of which tissue?
Ans10. Skeletal tissue (connective tissue).

Q11. Where is apical Meristem found?
Ans11. Shoot Apex and root apex of plants.

Q12. Which tissues makes up the husk of coconut?
Ans12. Sclerenchyma tissue.

Q13. Name the tissue responsible for Movement in our body?
Ans13. Muscular tissue.

Q14. Which Tissue forms the lining of kidney tubules?
Ans14. Cuboidal epithelial tissue.

Q15. Which tissue forms the vascular bundle?                                                                 Ans15.Complex permanent tissue– xylem and phloem.

Q16. Name the plant tissue having dead cells ?
Ans16. Sclerenchyma.

Q17. What minerals is the bone Matrix rich in?
Ans17. Calcium and potassium.

Q18. Name the water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperms?
Ans18. Tracheids.

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Q19. Presence of which chemicals in Cork cells makes them impervious to water and gases?
Ans19. Suberin.
Q20. Which tissue in plants provides them flexibility?
Ans20. Collenchyma.

Q21. Name the Muscular tissue that function throughout life without fatigue?
Ans21. Cardiac muscular tissue.

Q22. Which Animal tissue helps in repair of tissue and fills the space inside the organ?
Ans22. Areolar tissue.

Q23. What is the name of bone cells?
Ans23. Osteoblast cells.

Q24. Which blood cells deal with immune reaction?
Ans24. White blood cell(WBC).

Q25. Which cells are responsible for contraction and relaxation movement?
Ans25. Muscle cells.

Q26. Which cells are responsible for carrying messages?
Ans26. Nerve cells.

Q27. How are oxygen, food, hormone and waste material transported in the body?
Ans27. Through Blood.

Q28. What is responsible for increase in girth of the stem or root?
Ans28. Lateral Meristem (cambium).

Q29. Which tissue forms a barrier to keep different body systems separate?
Ans29. Epithelial tissue.

Q30. What is the composition of cartilage matrix?
Ans30. Proteins and sugar.

Q31. What are responsible for contraction and relaxation of muscles?
Ans31. Contractile proteins.

Q32. What stimulates the movement of muscles?
Ans32. Nerve impulses.

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Q33. Give the name of the connective tissue lacking fibres?
Ans33. Blood .

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