Chapter 6 Tissue Extra Questions And Answers-Very short answer questions

Name a plant tissue having dead cells?


What minerals is the bone Matrix rich in?

Calcium and potassium.

Presence of which chemical in Cork cells make them impervious to water and gases?


Name the water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperms?


Which tissue in plants provides them flexibility?


Name the muscular tissue that functions throughout life without fatigue?

Cardiac muscular tissue.

In a desert plant How does the rate of loss of water get reduced?

Presence of cuticles on the surface of desert plants reduces the rate of loss of water.

Which Animal tissues help in repair of tissue and fill the space inside the organ?

Areolar tissue.

What is the Goblet cell?

A Goblet cell is a unicellular mucus secreting gland.

What is the name of bone cells?

Osteoblast cells.


Which blood cells deal with immune reaction?

WBC( white blood cells).

Which cells are responsible for contraction and relaxation movements?

Muscle cells.

Which cells are responsible for carrying messages?

Nerve cells.

How are oxygen, food, hormone waste material transported in the body?

Through Blood.

What is responsible for the increase in the girth of the stem or root?

The girth of the stem or root increases due to lateral Meristem( cambium).

What is Lignin?

Are chemical substances present in the cell wall of a plant which acts as a cement and hardens it.

What is Cutin?

Cutin is the chemical substance with waterproof quality covering the aerial parts of plants.

Which tissue is found as a barrier to keep different body systems separate?

Epithelial tissue.

What is the composition of the cartilage matrix?

Proteins and sugars.

What are responsible for contraction and relaxation in muscles?

Contractile proteins.

What stimulates the movement of muscles?

Nerve impulses

Differentiate the following activities on the basis of voluntary or involuntary muscles.

Jumping of frog– Voluntary muscles

Pumping of the heart– Involuntary muscles.

Writing with hand– Voluntary muscles.

Movement of chocolate in your intestine– Involuntary muscles.

Give the name of connective tissue lacking fibers?


Water hyacinth floats on the water surface. explain.

Aerenchyma present in the swollen petiole provides buoyancy to the hyacinth. Thus it floats on the water surface.

Which Structure protects the plant body against the invasion of parasites?

The epidermis has thick cuticles and waxy substance to prevent the invasion of parasites.

Why does an organism- plant or animal require different types of cells in the body?

Plants or animals require different types of cell in the body because each type of cell specializes in one particular function. For the proper working of an organism many functions like food transport, immunity, strength etc are needed to be performed properly.

If a potted plant is covered with a glass jar, water vapor appears on the wall of the glass jar. why?

This happens because of transpiration due to which water is released from the plant in the form of water vapour which appears on the glass jar.

Why are voluntary muscles also called skeletal muscles?

Voluntary muscles are also called skeletal muscles because they are mostly attached to the bones and help in body movement.

Which process in Meristematic tissue converts it to permanent tissue?

Differentiation is the process by which Meristematic tissue takes up a permanent shape, size and function.

Which features of Meristematic tissue helps aquatic plants to maintain buoyancy in water?

Large air cavities present in parenchyma( Aerenchyma) of aquatic plants help the plant to maintain buoyancy in water.

Why is the epidermis of plants living in dry habitats thicker?

Epidermis of plant living in dry habitat is thicker in order to prevent loss of water.

Identify the following

Living component of xylem Xylem parenchyma consists of living cells having thin cell walls.

Dead elements of phloem– Phloem fibers are the dead elements of phloem.

Which types of conducting tissue conduct water and Minerals vertically?

Tracheids and vessels of xylem are the two conducting tissues, which conduct water and Minerals vertically.

Stratified squamous epithelium is abundantly found on the outer side of skin. What is the advantage of this arrangement in the living body?

Stratified squamous epithelium is highly resistant to mechanical injury and is also waterproof. It is multilayered thus capable of preventing the wear and Tear occurring in the living body.

Blood ,bone ,ligament ,cartilages etc are all types of connective tissue present in the body with different nature of matrix. Why?

The nature of matrix of different connective tissues differs in concordance with their specific function e.g. Blood transports nutrients, gases etc. Hence it is a fluid tissue.

What is the function of ligament?

It connects bone to bone.

Cartilage is made up of a different compound than that of bone. Give name.


Name the connective tissue which provides smoothness to the bone surfaces at the joints.

Cartilage provides smoothness to the bone surfaces at the joints.

What is the prominent function of adipose tissue?

It serves as a fat reservoir, is a visceral organ in  position and acts as an insulator.

What will happen if the cardiac muscles stop performing the rhythmic contraction and relaxation in the living body?

The heart will stop beating and the organism will die.

Name the following

Multinucleated muscle– skeletal muscle.

Muscle with intercalated discs– cardiac muscles.

Which type of tissues contracts, when it is stimulated by nerve impulse?

Striated muscle fibers contract, when stimulated by Nerve cells.

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