The Transportation system of plants is composed of complex permanent tissue. They have their Transportation system within themselves. Justify in details with appropriate diagram

  • The Transportation system of plants is composed of complex permanent tissue.
  • These tissues are made up of more than one type of cell, all this cells coordinator to perform a common specific function.
  • These cells may appear structurally different but they perform the same function.

Two types of permanent tissue are responsible for the  transportation system of plants.

Complex permanent tissue- xylem phloem

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  • It helps in transportation of water and Minerals from Roots to other parts of the plants.
  • The cells of xylem are thick walled and many of them are dead.
  • Xylem consists of various types of elements which are as follows
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  • Dead Long tubular structures with tapering ends.
  • Transport water and Minerals vertically.


  • Long Tube like structures formed by a row of cells placed end to end.
  • These are Dead cells with lignified walls.
  • Helps in conduction of water.

Xylem parenchyma

  • Only living cells of xylem with thin cell walls.
  • Store food and help in sideways conduction of water.

Xylem fibers

  • Elongated dead cells with tapering ends and thick cell walls.
  • Xylem fibers associate with xylem and supportive in function of xylem.


  • It transports food from leaves to other parts of the plant.
  • Food is prepared in leaves by the process of photosynthesis.

Elements of phloem

Sieve cells

  • Long conducting cells in the phloem that do not form sieve tubes.

Sieve tubes

  • Tubular cells with perforated walls
  • Consist of living cells

Companion cells

  • Small elongated cells with dense cytoplasm.

Phloem parenchyma

  • Thin walled cells.
  • Main function is storage and transportation of food.

Phloem fibers

  • Composed of thick walled dead cells, provides mechanical strength to tissue.

Xylem and phloem maintains Transportation system in the plant.

This transportation system is necessary for the proper growth and maintenance of the plant.

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