The Central Highlands

The Central Highlands

Central highlands
The peninsular plateau of India is composed of old crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rocks formed due to breaking up and drifting of gondwana lands.

This Plateau is divided into two broad divisions.

  • The Central highland
  • The Deccan Plateau
The Central Highland
  • This part of Peninsular plateau lies in the north of Narmada river covering most of the Malwa plateau.
  • Central Highlands are surrounded by  Vindhya ranges which is bounded by Satpura Range on the south and Aravali on the north west.
  • The central highland in the west gradually merges with the Sandy and Rocky desert of Rajasthan.
  • The central Highlands are wider in the West but narrower in the East.
  • The central Highlands slopes from Southwest to Northeast is indicated by the flow of Chambal ,Sind, Betwa and Ken rivers.
  • The central Highlands eastward extension are also known as Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand.
  • Chota Nagpur Plateau lies in further east of this highland an is drained by the Damodar River.

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