Double Circulation Diagram Class 10

explain double circulation with diagram class 10
explain double circulation with diagram class 10
Double Circulation Diagram

Explanation of Double Circulation Diagram

Deoxygenated Blood enters the Heart

Deoxygenated blood reaches from the body to the upper chamber on the right, namely right atrium of the heart and it expands.

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Deoxygenated Blood Pumped to the Lungs

As the right atrium contracts, the corresponding lower chamber, the right ventricle, dilates. This transfers the blood to the right ventricle, which in turn pumps it to the lungs for oxygenation.

Lungs Oxygenates the Blood

In the  lungs, the blood gets oxygenated . 

Oxygenated Blood returns to the Heart

Oxygen rich blood from the lungs comes to the thin-walled upper chamber of the heart on the left, i.e. left atrium.The left atrium relaxes when it is collecting the blood.It then contracts and the blood is allowed to enter in the next chamber i.e. left ventricle, as it expands.

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Oxygenated Blood Pumped to the Body

When the muscular left ventricle contracts, the blood is pumped out to the body via aorta.

Deoxygenated Blood returns to the Heart

Oxygenated blood gives its oxygen to body cells in exchange for carbon dioxide. The blood becomes deoxygenated and returns to the heart.

In this way, the blood keeps on circulating in our body without stopping due to which all the body parts keep on getting oxygen, digested food and other materials all the time.

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