Differentiate between Striated, Smooth and Cardiac Muscles on the basis of their structure and Site/ Location in the body

The Difference between Striated, Smooth and Cardiac Muscles are as follows-


Striated Muscles

Smooth muscles

Cardiac Muscles


  • The cells of striated muscles are long.
  • Cylindrical
  • Unbranched
  • Multinucleated cells
  • The cells of striated muscle show alternate light and dark striations.
  • The cells of smooth muscles are long
  • They are Uninucleated cells.
  • Cells of smooth muscles have pointed ends.
  • Smooth muscle cells do not show striations.
  • The cells of cardiac muscles are made up of cylindrical
  • Branched cells.
  • Cells of Cardiac muscles are uninucleate.
  • Cardiac muscle cells show faint striations.

Site/ location

  • These are located in the Limbs.
  • They are mostly attached to bones.
  • The help in the body movement.
Smooth muscle cells are mostly present in walls of the alimentary canal, blood vessels, ureters, bronchi of the lungs and in the Iris of the eye. They are present only in the walls of the heart.

Striated Muscles, Smooth Muscles And Cardiac Muscles Diagram 

Difference between Striated, Smooth and Cardiac muscles (Diagrams)
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