Differentiate between Bone and Cartilage with respect to Structure Functions and Location.






  • It is strong and non flexible tissue.
  • Bone cells are porous, highly vascular, mineralized, hard and rigid.
  • Bone cells are embedded in a hard matrix which is made up of proteins, calcium and phosphorus compounds.
  • It forms the framework of the body.
  • It is a specialised connective tissue having widely spaced cells.
  • Soft and flexible tissue is a solid matrix composed of proteins and sugars which is also called Chondrin.


  • Bones form the Framework that supports the body.
  • It anchors the muscles that support the main organs of the body.
  • It smoothes bone surfaces at joints.
  • We can fold the cartilage of ears but we cannot bend the bones in our arms.


It is present in the skeletal system of vertebrates. It is present in the nose, ears, trachea and larynx.
Structure of bone
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