Difference between Poriferan and Coelenterate Animals


Poriferan Animals

Coelenterate Animals

Poriferan animals have minute pores called ostia all over the body and a large opening called osculum at the top. Coelenterate animals have single pore called coelenteron.
Body is made up of single layer of cells. Coelenterates animals is made up of two layers of cells, one making the outer lining and the other the inner lining of the body.
External skeleton present. Skeleton is absent in coelenterate animals.
Body design involves very little differentiation and division into tissues. Body design of coelenterate animals exhibits differentiation.
Canal system or cavity system present which helps in water circulation through the body to bring in water and food and is their characteristic feature. No canal system or cavity is present in the body.
Poriferan animals are non-motile and are attached to some solid support. Coelenterate animals are motile. Some species of this group live in colonies while others have a solitary life span
Poriferan animals are asymmetric. Coelenterate animals are symmetrical.
Tentacles are absent. Tentacles are present.
Example:-Tube Sponge, glass sponge ,sea sponge Example:-Hydra , jelly fish
Poriferan Animals
coelenterate Animals


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