Difference Between Angiosperms and Gymnosperms




Gymnosperms are non-flowering plants   whose seeds are naked. Angiosperms are flowering plants whose seeds are enclosed in the fruit.
The seeds of gymnosperms are not enclosed and are found on scales or as cones. Seeds are enclosed inside an ovary usually in a fruit.
The produce cones formed of saprophyte. Saprophytes carries the male and female sex organs. Reproductive organs are flowers , caring male and female sex organs.
Ovules are not enclosed in ovary.   Ovules are enclosed inside ovary.
Plants of this groups are usually evergreen, perennial and Woody Plants of this groups  may be annual, biennial or perennial. The maybe Woody or non Woody.
Leaves of gymnosperms scale like or needle-like. Leaves are flat.
Reproduction in gymnosperm mostly rely on wind. Reproduction in angiosperm  mostly rely on animals .
Xylem lacks vessels. Xylem contains vessels .
Phloem does not contain companion cells . Phloem contains companion cell.
Most of the gymnosperms are used in paper and Lumber making Most of the angiosperms are used in medication , food clothing etc
Example:- pines, spruces Example:- Fruits, grains, vegetables, trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers are angiosperms


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