Salivary Glands Diagram

salivary gland diagram
Salivary Gland diagram

Salivary Glands Diagram

The Salivary Glands are a group of Exocrine Glands located in and around the oral cavity and throat region. They are responsible for the production and secretion of saliva, a watery fluid that plays a crucial role in various oral functions and the initial stages of digestion. The Saliva produced by the Salivary Glands helps to moisten and lubricate the mouth, which facilitates speech, swallowing and overall oral comfort. It also helps to mechanically break down food during chewing and contains enzymes that initiate the digestion of starch.

The Salivary Glands consist of three major pairs of glands

  • The Parotid Glands
  • The Submandibular Glands 
  • The Sublingual Glands. 

Each gland has a specific location and contributes to saliva production.

Description of the labels in a Salivary Glands Diagram

Parotid Glands

The Parotid Glands are the largest Salivary Glands and are located in front of and below the ear. They produce saliva that is released into the mouth through the Parotid Duct near the upper second molar.

Submandibular Glands

The Submandibular Salivary Glands are located just below and deep inside the jaw, at the back of the mouth. These glands produce about 70% of the saliva in the mouth. Saliva from the Submandibular Glands is released through Warthin’s duct, which opens into the floor of the mouth under the front of the tongue.

Parotid Duct

The Parotid Duct is a tube that carries saliva from the Parotid Glands into the oral cavity. It opens near the upper second molar and allows saliva to flow into the oral cavity.

Sublingual Glands

The Sublingual Glands are located under the tongue. They produce saliva that is released into the mouth through several small ducts that open under the tongue.

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