Describe the Structure and Functioning of Nephrons

What is Nephron

Nephron is the basic filtering unit found in the kidney. It is also called as  uriniferous tubules or renal tubules or just kidney tubules

Structure of nephron 

It is a long coiled tubule whose one end is connected to the double walled cup-shaped structure called Bowman’s capsule and the other end to a urine collecting duct.

Bowman’s capsule contains a bundle of blood capillaries, known as glomerulus, that is followed by the tubular part of nephron, which forms loops at some places. Read More…..

Structure of Nephron Diagram

Functioning of Nephron

Functioning of Nephrons Is as follows-

Glomerular Filtration:

Water and solutes smaller than proteins are forced through the capillary walls and pores of the glomerular capsule into the renal tubule.

Tubular Reabsorption:

Water, glucose, amino acids, and needed ions are transported out of the filtrate into the tubule cells and then enter the capillary blood.

Tubular Secretion

Many ions, creatinine, and drugs are removed from the peritubular blood and secreted by the tubule cells into the filtrate.

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