What is the function of digestive enzymes?

Digestion is the process in which complex and large components of food are broken down into their respective simpler and smaller forms with the help of various types of digestive enzymes. The simpler forms are finally absorbed and our father taken up by different parts of our body.

Functions of digestive enzymes are as follows

  • Digestive enzymes help to break down large starch molecules into smaller sugar molecules. Example Salivary amylase which is secreted in the mouth by salivary glands.

    Enzymes for starch Degradation
  • Enzymes help to break down proteins into amino acids. Example Pepsin which is a  stomach enzyme that helps to digest proteins found in ingested food ,Trypsin is another enzyme in the small intestine which breaks down proteins, Peptidase -It is  produced in the stomach, small intestine and pancreas . The main function of Peptidase is hydrolysis of a protein substrate and breaking it down into amino acids.
    Enzymes For Protein degradation
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  • Digestive enzyme  breaks down dietary fats into smaller molecules called fatty acids and glycerol. Example Lipase – it produced by pancreas ,mouth and stomach

    Fat degrading Enzymes


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