Bones And Muscles / The Skeletal System Class 5 MCQ -solved

1. __ protects the organs of our body.

a. brain

b. bones

c. muscles

Answer- b. Bones

2. An adult body is made up of ___ bones. 


b. 200

c. 201

Answer- a. 206

3 . Bones are made up of  ____ and ____.

a. calcium and nitrogen

b. calcium and sodium

c. calcium and phosphorus    

Answer- c. Calcium and phosphorus

4. ___ are attached to the bones. 

a. strings

b. fats

c. muscles

Answer- c. Muscles

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5. A skeleton has ___ main parts. 

a. six

b. three

c. five

Answer- c. Five

6. The skull forms the ___ of the body.

a. chest

b. knees

c. head

Answer- c. Head

7. Strong bands of tissue called ___ hold the bones together at a joint.

a. tendon

b. ligaments

c. cartilage 

Answer- b. Ligaments

8. The lower arm has two bones called ___ and ___.

a. radius, ulna

b. humerus, ulna

c. femur, radius

Answer- a. Radius, ulna

9. ___ muscles do not have bands.

a. striated

b. smooth

c. cardiac

Answer- b. Smooth

10. ___ muscles work under our control.

a. voluntary

b. involuntary 

c. both

Answer- b. Voluntary

11. The place where bones join together is called ___.

a. vertebrae

b. joint

c. attachment

Answer- a. Vertebrae

12. The cranium is made up of ___ flat bones. 

a. nine  

b. twelve

c. eight

Answer- c. Eight

13. ___ are strong fibers attached to bones.

a. tendons

b. ligaments

c. cartilage 

Answer– a. Tendons

14. The bony structure to which limb bones are attached are ___.

a. fibula

b. tibia

c. girdles

Answer- c. Girdle

15. The ___ are delicate bones present in our chest region. 

a. breastbone

b. ribs

c. diaphragm 

Answer- b. Ribs

16. The ___ protects the heart and the lungs.

a. ribcage

b. skull

c. girdle

Answer- a. Ribcage

17. Our nose and ears are made up of ___.

a. bones

b. cartilage

c. tendons

Answer- b. Cartilage

18. Muscles are made up of ___.

a. bones

b. muscle fibers

 c. ligaments

Answer- b. Muscle fibers

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19. There are around ___ muscles that are connected to the bones of the skeletal system.

a. 550

b. 900

c. 600

Answer- c. 600

20. ___ muscle is present in the heart.

a. cardiac

b. striated

c. smooth  

Answer- a. Cardiac 

21. A ___ joint allows bones to move in one direction only.

a. pivot

b. hinge

c. gliding 

Answer- b. Hinge

22. A ___ joint, found in wrist and ankles, allows sliding movement. 

a. gliding

b. hinge

c. pivot

Answer- a. Gliding

23. The___ is the longest bone in our body.

a. humerus

b. femur

c. radius

Answer– b. Femur

24. Muscles can ___ and ___. 

a. contract, expand

b. shrink, relax

c. contract, relax

Answer- c. Contract, relax

25. The vertebral column is made of ___ small ring-shaped bones called vertebrae.

a. three

b. thirty-three

c. thirty 

Answer- b. Thirty-three

26. There are ___ of ribs in human body. 

a. twelve pairs

b. two pairs

c. twenty pairs

Answer- a. Twelve Pairs

27. We have ___ of limbs. 

a. two pairs

b. three pairs

c. four pairs

Answer- a. Two Pairs

28. The upper leg has one bone called ___.

a. fibula

b. tibia

c. femur

Answer– c. Femur

29. The lower leg has two bones called ___ and ___.

a. tibia, fibula

b. radius, ulna

c. femur, humerus

Answer- a. Tibia, Fibula

30. The spongy part inside the bone is ___. 

a. bone cells

b. bone marrow

 c. blood

Answer– b. Bone Marrow

31. Hinge joints are found in ___. 

a. knees

b. hips

c. shoulders

Answer- a. Knees

32. ___ is protected by the skull. 

a. brain

 b. heart

c. stomach

Answer- a. Brain

33. We need ___ muscles to move a joint.

a. three

b. two

c. four

Answer– b. Two

34. The spinal cord is protected by ___.

a. vertebral column

b. ribcage

c. skull

Answer- a. Vertebral Column

35. The smallest bones are found in the ___.

a. wrists

b. ears

c. feet 

Answer- b. Ears

36. ___ muscles are attached to the bones.

a. skeletal

b. cardiac

c. smooth

Answer- a. Skeletal

37. ___ muscles do not work under our control. 

a. involuntary

b. voluntary

c. all

Answer- a. Involuntary

38. The ___ joint is found between the first and the second vertebrae of the backbone. 

a. gliding

b. pivot

c. hinge

Answer- b. Pivot

39. The forelimbs or arms are attached to the ___.

a. pectoral girdle

b. pelvic girdle

c. none of these

Answer- a. Pectoral Girdle

40. The ___ jaw(s) is/are the only movable joint(s) of the skull. 

a. upper

b. lower

c. both

Answer- b. Lower

41. ___ joints are in skulls and pelvis.

a. movable

b. immovable

c. hinge

Answer- b. Immovable

42. ___ is a framework of bones. 

a. spinal cord

b. rib cage

c. skeleton

Answer- c. Skeleton

43. ___ is an example of ball and socket joint. 

a. shoulder

b. wrist

c. foot

Answer– a. Shoulder

44. Our ___ and ___ have involuntary muscles. 

a. stomach, heart

b. biceps, triceps

c. diaphragm, heart

Answer- a. Stomach, Heart

45. We can make our bones and muscles strong by ___.

healthy eating and regular exercise b. healthy eating only c. regular exercise

Answer– a. Healthy eating and regular exercise.

46. ___ is a part of rib cage.

a. sternum

b. radius

c. ulna

Answer- a. Sternum

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