Write down Functions of Blood – Class 10

Blood is the red color connective tissue fluid which circulates in our body.

 Functions of blood are as follows

  •  Blood carries oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body and carries back carbon dioxide from the body cells to the lungs for respiration.
  • It helps in transport of nutrients to all parts of the body for storage oxidation and synthesis of new substances.

  • Blood is involved in the transport of excretory  Products like Urea, uric acid and ammonia.
  •  The plasma in Blood carries hormones from  Their place of synthesis to the target organs.
  •   Blood acts as a buffer system in our body.  It helps in regulation of body temperature and ph.
  •  Blood protects us against diseases by engulfing the disease causing microbes by phagocytosis.
  •  Platelets present in the blood form a clot at the sight of injury to prevent further loss of blood.
  •  Blood maintains proper water balance in the body to a required constant level.
  •  Nutrients absorbed in the small intestine enter the blood capillaries. Blood carries these nutrients and distributes them to all parts of the body.

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