Peristalsis and Peristaltic Movement class 10

What is Peristalsis and peristaltic movement?

Peristalsis is involuntary contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the alimentary canal which contract rhythmically in order to push the food forward. This moment is called a peristaltic movement.

  • It is the necessary action of the digestive process and is essential for moving food in a regulated manner along the digestive tube.
  • The lining of the alimentary canal has muscle which contracts rhythmically in order to push the food forward.
  • When the slightly digested food enters the food by the walls of the food pipe, the walls of the food pipe start contraction and expansion movements.
  • Peristaltic movement of the food pipe pushes the slightly digested food into the stomach.
  • The peristaltic movement moves the food in all the digestive organs throughout the alimentary canal. Peristaltic movement occurs all along the gut.

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