Nutrition in Paramecium Class 10

Mode of Nutrition in Paramecium

  • Paramecium is a tiny unicellular animal.
  • It feeds on microorganisms like bacteria, algae and yeasts.
  • Like amoeba, paramecium also exhibits holozoic nutrition which is a category of the heterotrophic mode of nutrition.
  • However they have Celia that helps them to engulf the food through the oral groove.

Following steps involved in the Nutrition of Paramecium


  • Paramecium uses its hair-like structure called Cilia to sweep the food particles from water and put them into an oral groove.
  • The food is ingested with a little surrounding water to form a food vacuole.


  • In Paramecium food is digested in the food vacuole by digestive enzymes.
  • The enzymes from surrounding cytoplasm enter into the food vacuole and break down the food into small and soluble molecules by chemical reaction.


  • The digested food present in the food vacuole of paramecium is absorbed directly into the cytoplasm of the paramecium cell by diffusion.
  • The digested food just spreads out from the food vacuoles into the whole paramecium cell.
  • After absorption of food the food vacuole disappears.


  • Food absorbed in paramecium cell is used to obtain energy through respiration.
  • The remaining part of the absorbed food is used to make parts of paramecium cells which lead to the growth of paramecium.


  • The undigested food is removed through anal pore in paramecium.


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