Metamorphosis – Definition and Types of Metamorphosis

What is Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis  can be defined as a biological  process in which  immature form of an animal physically develops after birth or hatching  in two or more distinct stages. In metamorphosis the young ones hatch from the eggs look very different from the  adult. For example  the young one of frog or silkmoth  looks very different  from the adult frog or silkmoth respectively.The young of such animals are called as larvae.In metamorphosis animals body structure significantly  changes in each  stage .



Which animals goes through Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis occurs in  amphibians such as frogs ,  toads etc and  in most of the invertebrates including insects such as Silk moth, Butterfly, house fly, mosquito etc .

What are the Types of metamorphosis?

There are two types of metamorphosis-

  • Simple Metamorphosis or Incomplete Metamorphosis

  • Complete Metamorphosis


Simple Metamorphosis  or Incomplete Metamorphosis.

Simple Metamorphosis
  • In simple metamorphosis there are three important stages, they are
  • The nymph  in simple metamorphosis or incomplete metamorphosis resembles as an adult but with underdeveloped wings.
  • In simple metamorphosis some part of exoskeleton remains throughout the lifetime
    former stages of the insect are reproductively successful
  • Example of  insects  goes through the process of simple metamorphosis are Cockroaches praying Mantis termites etc.

Complete metamorphosis

Complete Metamorphosis

Complete metamorphosis contains 4 stages

  • In this type of metamorphosis  the egg develops into immature tadpole or larva which gradually undergoes many drastic changes in  appearance before it forms an adult.
  • The  egg,  Larva, Pupa an adult doesn’t resemble the adult.
  • In complete metamorphosis the larva stage is very active and eats a lot of food. And the Pupa its inactive.
  • The exoskeleton  in complete  metamorphosis is completely   sheded or molted .
  • Example of complete metamorphosis
    butterflies, frog ,mosquitoes, moths, bees etc.

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