Hardware and Software – Fill in the blanks ,1 word answer for Class 3-Primary School NCERT

Fill in the blanks.

  1. The parts of a computer that can be touched  and seen  are called Hardware.
  2. The devices used for storing data   are called  Storage device.
  3. The device which give results after processing are called Output devices.
  4. A set of instruction given to the computer is called  Software.
  5. The Operating system manages the overall working of a computer.

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State true or false.

  1. The software that can do a specific type of work is called system software. False.
  2. A  scanner input device. True .
  3. Paint program is used for drawing pictures. True.
  4. Paint program is an application software. True.
  5. The device through which we get output are called input devices. False.

Application based questions.

Q1. A boy sings a song and records it in the computer  ,which input device did he use.

A1. Microphone.

Q2. Riya draws a greeting card using a specific software ,what type of software did she use?

A2. MS Paint( Application software)

Q3. A man wants to carry some documents and wants to transfer it to another computer, which device he will use?

A3. Pen drive( storage device).

Q4. I want to listen a song which is store in my computer , which device I will use?

A4. Speakers( output device)

Q5. I want to draw a drawing and I want to see it on monitor, which device I will use?

A5. Light pen( input device)

Q6. Which device will help me while playing a game 2 moons the item on the screen?

A6. Joystick( input device).

Q7. I want to store huge amount of data of my computer which device I will use?

A7. Hard disk( storage device).

Q8. I want to print  some information which is displayed on my computer ,which device I will use?

A8. Printer( output device)

Name the devices used for each of the following jobs.

Q1. A device commonly seen in video parlour for playing games.

A2. Joystick.

Q2. A device used to record our voice and other sounds in a computer.

A2. Microphone.

Q3. A device that can read words pictures or numbers from paper and store them in a computer.

A3. Scanner.

Q4. A device used to hear sounds and music stored in a computer.

A4. Speakers.

Q5. What do we call the hardware devices that are used to enter  words numbers or pictures?

A5. Input device.

Q6. Which application software is used for typing and making correction in the text?

A6. WordPad.

Q7. Name the program used for performing calculation?

A7. Calculator.

Who is the father of modern computers?
Alan Turing.
Who is the first computer programmer?
Lady Ada Lovelace.
Who is the world’s largest processor company?

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