Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell

Prokaryotic cell

Eukaryotic cell

Prokaryotic cells are generally small in size. Eukaryotic cells are comparatively larger in size.
The nuclear material is undefined having no nuclear membrane and is called nucleoid. Nucleus having a nuclear membrane present.
A single chromosome is present. More than one chromosome is present.
It does not contain membrane bound cell organelle. It contains membrane bound cell organelles like mitochondria, plastids etc.
Ribosome is of 70s type. Ribosome is 80s type.
Cell division takes place by fission or budding or fragmentation. Cell division takes place by mitosis and meiosis . 

Prokaryotic Cell Diagram 

Prokaryote Cell

Eukaryotic cell diagram 

Eukaryote cell


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