Class 3 Living things and Nonliving things Notes

Living Things

Characteristics of Living things

  1. Living things can move
  2. Living things can breathe.
  3. Living things need food
  4. Living things can feel
  5. Living things grow
  6. Living things can reproduce
  7. Living things grow old and die

Living things can move

Most living things can move.

Examples of living things which can move and the Body parts used by living beings to move

  • Human beings and many animals– walk—legs
  • Fish– Swim—Fins
  • Birds–Fly–Wings.
  • Insects– Creep—limbs

All living things can move Except plant which cannot move from one place to another but they actually respond the changes in the surrounding.
For example

  • Buds of a flower opens into petal.
  • Money plant circles around the support.
  • Bitter gourd climbs on the support it gets.
  • Sunflower turns its face towards the sun.

Living things can breathe

Living things take in fresh air and gives out unwanted air after its use by the body is called  as breathing.
For Example
Human beings and animals  breathe in air rich in Oxygen gas and breathe out air rich in carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide is harmful for the body and hence it has to be continuously removed out of the body

Parts of the body used by living things to breath

Human beings—Nose

Plants– Tiny pores called Stomata


Insects– Breathe through air holes present on their body called as spiracles.

Living things need food

  • Living things need food to survive.
  • Food provides energy and it helps them to grow.

# Plants need air, water and sunlight to live and grow.

# Animal do not make their own food, they eat plants or other animals to live and grow.

Living things can feel

All living things feel and respond to changes around them.

Human beings feel with the help of their five senses

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Tongue
  • Skin

Cockroaches feel the changes around them through their special body part call antennae.
Depending On the surrounding atmosphere plants may grow healthy or go dry.

# The leaves of a plant called Touch Me Not close as soon as they are touched.

Living things grow

All living things increase in size naturally.


Seedling grows into a tree.

A chick grows into a hen.

Child grows into an adult.

Living things grow and change

For example

Human beings grow and change ,when they are babies they need  a lot of care.
Babies cannot walk, talk, feed themselves, get themselves clean but when babies grow  they learn to eat, walk, talk  and clean themselves.

Plants also grow and change. Plant starts as seed then they grow roots, stems and leaves. And they may grow  taller.

Living things can reproduce

Reproduction means producing young ones or babies of it’s own kind. 

Some animals reproduce laying eggs. Example Fish ,snakes, crocodile, lizard etc.

Some gives birth to young ones. Examples cows, monkeys, goats, tigers, elephants, human beings,Sharks,Whales etc.

Plants reproduce into following ways

  • Plants produce seeds which grow into new plant. 
  • Some plants produce new plants from their stems
  • Some plants produce from their roots.
  • Some plants produce from their leaves.

Living things grow old and die

  • All living things like animals and human beings grow to their fullest and then die.
  • Some live short time and some for longer time but ultimately all of them die.
  • Plants lose their old leaves and get new leaves.
  • Some plants die when they get very old.

Nonliving things

Things around us which do not breathe, move, grow, respond and reproduce are called as non living things.

Non living things can be natural or manmade.

Natural non-living things
soil, stone, water, air, mountains etc.

Man made non living things
chair, table, cloth,, car ,cycle etc.

Difference between living and nonliving things

Living things

Living things can move on their own except plants.
Living things grow.
Living things breathe.
Living things need food.

Living things reproduce.
Living things feel changes around them.

Living things grow old and die.



Non-living things

Non-living things cannot move on their own.
Non-living things do not grow.
Non-living things do not breathe.
Non-living things do not need food .
Non-living things do not reproduce.
Non-living things do not feel changes around them.

Non-living things wear out and get old but do not die.


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