Class 3 Living Things and NonLiving Things Question Answers

Question1  What are the Characteristics of Living things?

Answer 1. Characteristics of Living things are as follows

  1. Living things can move
  2. Living things can breathe.
  3. Living things need food
  4. Living things can feel
  5. Living things grow
  6. Living things can reproduce
  7. Living things grow old and die

Question 2. Plants Cannot move from one place to another, then why plants are Living things?

Answer 2 . All Living things can move Except plant which cannot move from one place to another but they actually respond to the changes in the surrounding.
For example

  • Buds of a flower opens into petal.
  • Money plant circles around the support.
  • Bitter gourd climbs on the support it gets.
  • Sunflower turns its face towards the sun.

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Question 3. What are the body parts used by following Living things use to move from one place to another?

Human Beings




Answer 3.

Human beings and many animals— walk—legs

Fish— Swim—Fins


Insects— Creep—limbs

Question 4 . What does living things breathe in??

Answer 4. Living things breathe in air.

Question 5. What does human beings and animals breathe in and breathe out??

Answer 4. Human beings and animals  breathe in air rich in Oxygen gas and breathe out air rich in carbon dioxide.

Question 5. A  Student covers a  pot of plant the plastic container.  The plant dies after 2-3 days. Give the reason why the plant died??

Answer 5. All living things breathe in air.
Plants needs air rich in carbon dioxide to prepare its own food for its growth.
The covered plant died as there was no air rich in carbon dioxide.

Question 6. What is breathing?? 

Answer 6. Living things take in fresh air and gives out unwanted air after its used by the body is called  as breathing.

Question 7. Name the body parts used by the following living things to breathe??

Human beings




Answer 7—

Human beings—Nose

Plants– Tiny pores called Stomata


Insects– Breathe through air holes present on their body called as spiracles.

Question 8. Why living things need food??

Answer 8.Living things need Food for the following reason :-

  • Living things need food to survive.
  • Food provides energy and it helps them to grow.

Question 9. How plants feed themselves?? / How plants can prepare their own food

Answer 9. Plants prepare their own food with the help of

  • Air
  • Water
  • Sunlight

Question 10 . Do Animals Make their own food?

Answer 10. No, Animals cannot make their own food. They eat plants or other animals to live and grow.

Question 11. Name the five sense organs of human beings?? How human beings feel and respond to the changes around them???

Answer 11. Human beings feel with the help of their five senses

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Tongue
  • Skin

Question 12.What are the differences between living things and nonliving things??

Answer 12. Difference between living and nonliving things

Living things

Living things can move on their own except plants.
Living things grow.
Living things breathe.
Living things need food.
Living things reproduce.
Living things feel changes around them.
Living things grow old and die



Non-living things

Non-living things cannot move on their own.
Non-living things do not grow.
Non-living things do not breathe.
Non-living things do not need food .
Non-living things do not reproduce.
Non-living things do not feel changes around them.

Non-living things wear out and get old but do not die.

Question 13 .How insects like Cockroaches feel the changes around them???

Answer 13. Cockroaches feel the changes around them through their special body part call Antennae.

Question 14. How plants feel the changes around them??

Answer 14 . Depending On the surrounding atmosphere plants may grow healthy or go dry. For Example –The leaves of the plant called Touch Me Not close as soon as they are touched.

Question 15. What do you do if you happen to touch a very hot cup of milk or tea or  a hot iron??

Answer 15. You will withdraw your hand instantly.

Question 16. If you place a stone touching a very hot container, will there be any reaction in the Stone??

Answer 16. There will be no reaction in the Stone because stone is a non-living thing, it doesn’t have sense organ to respond.

Question 17. What is reproduction??

Answer 17. Reproduction means producing young ones or babies of it’s own kind.

Question 18. Name the Animals Which reproduces by laying eggs??

 Answer 18. Fish ,Snakes, crocodile, Lizard etc.

Question 19. Name the Animals which gives birth to Young ones??

Answer 19 . Cows, monkeys, goats, tigers, elephants, human beings, Sharks, Whales etc.

Question 20. How plant reproduce??

Answer 20. Plants reproduce into following ways:-

  • Plants produce seeds which grow into new plant. 
  • Some plants produce new plants from their stems
  • Some plants produce from their roots.
  • Some plants produce from their leaves.

Question 21. Define Nonliving things??

Answer 21. Things around us which do not breathe, move, grow, respond and reproduce are called as nonliving things.

Question 22. Give examples of Natural nonliving things?

Answer 22. Give examples of Natural non-living things??
soil, stone, water, air, mountains etc.

Question 23. Give Examples of Manmade Nonliving things??

Answer 23. Manmade nonliving things
chair, table, cloth,, car ,cycle etc.

Question 24. Name Four non-living things which were once living

Answer 24 . Nonliving things which were once living

  • Leaves
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Fossil

Question 25. Is the pencil that used for writing a living thing or nonliving thing?? Give few reasons for your answer?

Answer 25. Pencil is a non-living thing because of following reasons:-

  • Pencil doesn’t grow.
  • Pencil doesn’t move from one place to another.
  • Pencil doesn’t  breathe.
  • Pencil doesn’t reproduce.
  • Pencil doesn’t eat.
  • Pencil doesn’t  have feelings.

Question 26. Why do living things need food???

Answer 26. Living things need food to get energy and to grow.

Question 27. A girl was looking at the Cockroach carefully. She saw it moving to black hair like structure on its head. Help the girl to understand what the  cockroach was doing??

Answer 27. Cockroach is the living thing.
Living things can feel, cockroach has  special body part called Antennae to feel changes around them.
Antennae  are black hair like structure  present on cockroach’s head.

Question 28. A boy saw a strange object. He wonders if it is a living thing or a nonliving thing. What 5 questions should we ask himself to decide if the object is living or nonliving??

Answer 28. To know if the object is living or nonliving boys should ask following question  to himself
can the object feel??

  • Can the object move from one place to another on its own??
  • Can the object reproduce??
  • Can the object breathe??
  • Can the object grow ??
  • Can the object eat??

Question 29. How do the following things reproduce?? 

Mango tree
Human beings

Answer 29.

Birds– laying eggs.
Lizards– laying eggs.
Mango tree– SEED or  cut of stem.
Human beings– Baby.

Question 30. Make a list of living things, non-living things and once living now non-living?

Answer 30.

Living things

Human beings
Sea animals

Non-living things

cycle car
chart etc.

Once living now nonliving

dry leaves
cotton etc.


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